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You have secured your date, contracted your venue and may have even booked a few of your suppliers. Then you think ‘now what?’ You have a long list of things to do and suddenly realise you have zero time to do it. Then suddenly the whole ‘planning your own wedding’ idea becomes very over whelming.

We completely know this feeling and understand your dilemma!

Here’s how we can help:

You can come to us at any stage of your planning journey and we can help you from there onwards.
This is a bespoke service, that is tailored to you. We will sit down with you, talk through your wedding and then put a plan in place to help you.

You will get continuous support over the phone and email and we will make sure everything that is left to do is covered and that we are there on the day to make it all happen.

If any of the above is answering any of those questions in your head, please contact us and we can get your discovery call in the diary!