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Making your vision come alive
is what we do best –

 Following my degree, I started in PR, as a press assistant in an Interior design company and learned to love being a part of the marketing side of a business. I then had a chance to be a part of a fashion show, which truly ignited my passion and love affair with events. 5 years later and with solid experience in the industry creating memorable days for private and corporate clients I am here wanting to create breath-taking wedding days for you!


I regularly draw my inspiration from Interior design and fashion trends. I adore the patterns, shapes, textures and fabrics from these industries. I try to create a personal experience for every client by really getting to know them and implementing some of these personal touches within the planning process.

When I am not submersed in all things weddings I have a small (well large) addiction to biscuits, dessert, cakes you name it, with a nice cup of tea. I enjoy my weekly fix of Netflix originals series and play catch up with all the American reality TV shows. I attempt to make it to my Barre classes when I can and try and fill in the gaps with 5k run around my local park. I can never say no to a fruity cocktail with the girls and quality time with my loved ones.

I think that really sums me up!